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If you've been in an accident or suffered damage on your property, Moseley Insurance of Mabank, TX is here for you during this stressful time. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to making your claiming process as quick and easy as possible.

Automobile and recreational vehicle claim

  • Stop your vehicle, move to a safe place and make sure you and your passengers aren't injured. Call for medical assistance if needed.

  • If your car is not the only vehicle involved, call the police and provide your information and description. Get the contact information of all witnesses.

  • NEVER admit fault to anyone

  • If a tow is needed, ask to be taken to the repair shop of your choice

  • Call us to report the accident as soon as possible and we will verify your coverage/deductible

  • Report windshield damage to our office to verify your coverage/deductible

Our team will help you through the entire claim process.

Property claim (fire, flood, theft, etc.)

  • Call the appropriate authorities for theft, vandalism, and injury

  • Protect your damaged property if possible (secure a tarp on the roof leaks, cover shattered windows, etc.)

  • Keep a record of repair costs and keep receipts

  • Call our office to report your claim and verify your coverage/deductibles

  • Make a list of all items that were damaged or destroyed, including descriptions of the items, original costs, and approximate ages of all items. (Record your inventory with camera if possible)

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